About US​

Over a decade ago, Trekking Peaks was established with a visionary objective of unveiling uncharted territories. The primary aim was to disseminate comprehensive information on trekking expeditions while instilling a profound passion for trekking in India. Presently, we proudly stand as the largest trekking community in India, with an annual influx of more than 20,000 enthusiastic trekkers embracing the Trekking Peaks Experience.

Our esteemed team comprises accomplished mountaineers and seasoned local experts, recognized for their exceptional skills. These individuals played a pivotal role in facilitating early explorations of the Uttarakhand region, serving as indispensable guides amidst the treacherous altitudes of peaks and passes. Their expertise has particularly proven invaluable for ambitious mountaineering endeavors.

We eagerly anticipate your forthcoming stay with us, as we remain committed to providing an exceptional experience.

Trekking Peaks


The foremost quality we prioritize in our team members is humility. Regardless of exceptional skills or expertise, we refrain from considering applicants who lack humility.


At Trekking Peaks, we have made a solemn commitment to preserving the sanctity of the mountains through our dedicated efforts in environmental conservation.
Environmental preservation is at the core of our values, and we wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility to keep the mountains clean and pristine.


Trekking Peaks has established a reputation as a compassionate organization, consistently going above and beyond to provide care and support to our trekkers, colleagues, and the overall well-being of our organization. This commitment to caring is a natural extension of our humble ethos, ensuring that we prioritize the needs and welfare of those we serve.

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